Submission of Manuscripts  

General Requirements

  • Please send all submissions to
  • Submissions should be made in .doc, .docx or .odt format for editing.
  • The length of your submission should be 3,000-3,500 words for research essays, 1,500-2,500 words for op-eds, and 1,000-2,000 for book reviews.  Longer essays can be considered if the length is justified by the depth and quality of the analysis. 
  • Please submit a short biographical note of up to 50 words and one (1) high-resolution author photo. These will be featured alongside your essay upon publication.
  • Please use 1.5 line spacing throughout (including notes and quotations), 12pt. font throughout the main text, and 10pt. for footnotes. Keep your essay formatting as light and clean as possible.
  • Please clearly indicate section titles in bold.
  • Pages should be numbered throughout.
  • As long as the references are cited in full in footnotes, no bibliography is required.
  • For photographic essays, images should be submitted separately in high-resolution format.
  • If the essay is under consideration elsewhere, please let us know. We will still consider it for publication but would like to agree on terms to avoid last minute withdrawals.


  • For submissions in English, we accept both UK and US systems. Please be consistent within your article. 
  • For submissions in Bahasa Malaysia, we stand guided by the latest Kamus Dewan.
  • Italicize foreign words in the text, excluding proper names. E.g. if your submission is in English, italicize agama but not Parti Islam Se-Malaysia.
  • First paragraphs after all headings should not be indented.
  • Subsequent paragraphs should be indented but do not indent continuing paragraphs after an extract/blockquote.  
  • For extract quotations over five lines, please indent with space above and below the extract. Do not use quotation marks and do not start or end in ellipses (…).
  • Do not italicize quotations, unless it has been italicized in the original source text. 
  • Please use single quotation marks for quotations integrated within the text (‘ ’) and double quotation marks for quotes within quotes (“ ”). No quotation marks are necessary for indented quotations.
  • Write dates in full, avoiding use of th, nd, etc. E.g. 31 January 2019, instead of Jan 31 2019 or January 31st, etc.  


  • IM Review uses the Chicago reference system.
  • IM Review uses footnotes and not endnotes. We also do not include a bibliography at the end of every essay.
  • For explanation/expansion on the main text, footnotes should be kept to a minimum and incorporated into the main text wherever possible. 
  • On the first instance the reference should be set out in full, giving the full name, full title, place of publication, publisher, year of publication and page numbers.
  • Use Ibid. (in the footnote) after references that cite the title previously mentioned; we do not use idem, loc. cit. or op.cit.  
  • On subsequent references to already referenced texts, reference them in short, giving their surname/given name, short book title (without subtitle) and page numbers.